All-new Jaguar Xf

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All-new Jaguar Xf

At its dramatic reveal on 24 March at London’s Royal Dock in Canary Wharf, the Jaguar XF made a daring 240 metre crossing on two thin cables, 18 metres above the water, breaking the record for such a high-wire, water crossing.

  • The Jaguar XF must be set to break even more records with its outstanding refinement, dynamics and design, as well as the XF’s innovative technology and connectivity, but most of all because of the integration of so many class-leading features. Indeed, the exciting, high-wire reveal was only possible because the XF is so lightweight and agile. You can watch this incredible stunt and get a first look at the XF in these videos.

  • The full specification for the all-new Jaguar XF will be announced on 1 April at the New York International Auto Show. Until then, keep an eye on our All-New Jaguar XF Page

  • All-New Jaguar XF highs:

    • An exceptional, exciting and efficient business saloon
    • State-of-the-art technology for safety, connectivity and entertainment
    • Advanced aluminium-intensive architecture
    • Class-leading, low CO2 emissions, and fuel economy of over 70mpg
  • True to the tradition of sporting Jaguars while being completely of its time.

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Grace Tindall
Marketing at Beadles
2 years ago