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Beadles History

Where it all began

Our founder John Clayton Beadle, opened his workshop in the late 1890’s originally manufacturing horse drawn carriages. Over the next three decades he was to play an integral part in one the most dramatic shifts in modes of transport for centuries. The age of the Motor Car had begun! 

Building the foundations

By 1910 Beadles was firmly settled in one of the first indoor showrooms in the country.

Lest we for forget

On the outbreak of the Great War in 1914, the country wasn’t just in need of young men and women for the war effort.


The birth of a dynasty

In May 1915 Beadles became a limited company trading as John C Beadle Limited (later renamed Beadles Dartford Limited). It is this milestone that we believe signals the start of our first 100 years. 

We’ll fight them … in the air

Plunged back into the darkness of yet another European conflict the wealth of experience and knowledge that Beadles engineers had amassed over the previous four decades was put to work by the War Office supplying Merlin engines most famously used in the Supermarine Spitfire.

Peace and Prosperity

With peace restored to Europe it was now time to get back to work but Beadles were about to drive down a new path.


The Swinging 60’s

The 1960’s was the decade where cars, which had previously been seen as a luxury for the rich and privileged, were now within the reach of the average worker. 

Rolling Forward

In 1969 Beadles acquired premises in Main Road Sidcup operating the Rover franchise. Further expansion now seemed inevitable …

Expansion as we approach the end if the 20th century

The second half of the 90’s saw significant growth of the Beadles Group including the opening of the first Volkswagen dealership.

A New Millenium

As we entered the new millennium, fears of wholesale computer shut downs proved unfounded and Beadles continued to expand and grow

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